Wedding Favors

The favor is a gesture of love, the only tangible sign that remains in time to remember the important moments. Stand out with a personalized wedding favor and amaze your guests.

Do not deprive your guests of this joy! The favor is synonymous with joy and happiness


Mediante il battesimo siamo liberati dal peccato e rigenerati come figli di dio, è l’ingresso ufficiale nella grande famiglia della chiesa corpo di cristo, è il nostro primo “sì” all’amicizia con gesù!

Per gli invitati lasciate un simbolo dell'importanza di questo evento

Favors and Gifts for an event to remember

About us

From 29 years I take care of my job with passion. The main feature that distinguishes the shop Proposals of Art , specialized since 1993 in the production and sale of favors and gift items is certainly the artisan character. Customers are personally followed by me, from the moment of purchase onwards, guided in the choice between the numerous objects ranging from the simplest and cheapest to prestigious lines in silver or crystal, all enhanced by accurate packaging. With us you can buy or commission unique pieces decorated by hand on porcelain, personalized invitations or, for the most willing, all you need for DIY. In order to further encourage the needs of future spouses I receive, by appointment, even after hours. These ... and many other reasons to choose to visit us and take a walk in the Capital of the Roero !!


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